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wolves and other nightmares

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Hello, lovelings. One year ago, I opened my heart and shared my story with you on paper. Now, to celebrate the one year anniversary of my literary debut, I've re-released Wolves and Other Nightmares on Kindle. 
It's been quite a healing journey thus far, and I would love nothing more than for you to join me in this healing. My heart is with you.

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return to sender

I would say it’s been six months of not seeing you smile
but you stopped smiling way more than six months ago.
I wonder what the date was. The position of the sun in the sky,
highlighting the wrinkles by your mouth, under your eyes.
The hour, the minute of your last smile.
Or your last laugh?
I’m not talking about that forced laugh you performed
so nobody would know
what was happening inside you.
I mean really, sincerely laughed.

I would say it’s been six months since you died
but you were dead for much longer.
You were only pretending to be alive because you were afraid to hurt our feelings,
the way someone pretends to like a gift that they’ve opened
in front of the person who gave them the gift
because it’s the nice thing to do.
Except the gift was life, and just like a gaudy Christmas sweater,
it didn’t quite fit you.

I would say it’s been six months since you told me goodbye
but for years, everything about you was a farewell.
The way you looked at me. The way you couldn’t bring yourself to look at me.
The way you stopped putting effort into anything – cleaning, cooking, paying bills,
because you knew it wouldn’t be your problem for much longer.

It’s my problem now.
All your unresolved desires and secrets and shame. The stories you told me and nobody else.
Now I know what it’s like to force a smile so no one will see what’s going on inside me.
Now I understand what it’s like to be given a gift you don’t want.
You gave me your entire life, left it in my shaking hands, no instructions, no manual, nothing.
Please. Take it back.

It’s been six months since your suicide.
Six months since your final vanishing act.
But somehow,
now that you’ve disappeared
I can see you so much more clearly.


Like the Wolf: An Interview with Alicen Grey

Alicen Grey exposes the truth behind the title of her poetry collection, Wolves and Other Nightmares.



Hatching Yet Another Vegan Fail

Mickey Z. says: 
"My fellow vegans/animal rights activists: Who is the audience for the above meme and what are you hoping to accomplish by sharing it?
Before you reply, I not only have some thoughts of my own to share but I reached out to poet and animal rights activist, Alicen Grey, for her valuable insights..."
Hey, lovelings! I had a lot to say about this meme that's been going around in the animal rights community. So I talked with Mickey Z, author of Occupy This Book, and this was the result.

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summer blush tints everything it finds
you stay on the cool dark side
breeze brings gentle song to mind
you, boy, walk and think you’re fine

you and your comfortable shadows

and then there’s that moment
when the sun’s fierce and
mighty hands
come down to destroy
it all

you will find out the hard way what matters

be here
in the paranoid light
be here
in the sun’s line of sight

be anywhere you can be found
keep singing that song
out loud